Who’s Next? Pathfinder Initiative Tracker

Are you tired of scribbling more and more on the same paper sheet your party’s initiative order? Have you sworn to never skip a character but the delayed actions always ruin your plan? Or you simply didn’t think that the Initiative Tracking of your Pathfinder sessions could be more quick and effective?

Who’s Next? is what you are looking for.

Who’s Next? is the fastest Pathfinder Initiative Tracker.

Handling Initiative was never this easy. These are the features:

  • delayed actions
  • hit points for characters/encounters/monsters
  • physical dice for one or more characters/encounters/monsters
  • characters/encounters/monsters groups
  • new turn with a single clik, keeping or rerolling the initiative order is up to you
  • character conditions, both from rules and custom
  • character templates, to be added many times to the same game
  • custom images for parties/characters/encounters/monsters
  • compatibile with all the games based on the D20 System

Download it now from Google Play Store.