Watch out mages: Spellcasters alpha incoming!

Today is a great day for our Pixel Apps quest, ’cause we have found the fragments of code of another app: Spellcasters!

Spellcasters is a Pathfinder utility for all the spell casters. It lets you handle the spellbook, the studied spells and the relative slots, the metamagic feats, the potions, the staves and all the other magical items of the equipment.

These first fragments gave us the possibility of putting toghether again:

  • the spellbook management
  • the memorized spells and relative spell slots
  • the metamagic feats and the relative cost in spell slots

We are sure that we will find the missing pieces. That’s why we are announcing a public alpha version available for all.

What do you think about helping us testing it? Download it using this link