Watch out mages: Spellcasters alpha incoming!

Today is a great day for our Pixel Apps quest, ’cause we have found the fragments of code of another app: Spellcasters!

Spellcasters is a Pathfinder utility for all the spell casters. It lets you handle the spellbook, the studied spells and the relative slots, the metamagic feats, the potions, the staves and all the other magical items of the equipment.

These first fragments gave us the possibility of putting toghether again:

  • the spellbook management
  • the memorized spells and relative spell slots
  • the metamagic feats and the relative cost in spell slots

We are sure that we will find the missing pieces. That’s why we are announcing a public alpha version available for all.

What do you think about helping us testing it? Download it using this link

3 Replies to “Watch out mages: Spellcasters alpha incoming!”

  1. Dear developers!
    I write feedback for both spellcasters and who’s next here, because the feedback link for spellcasters app seems non-functional.

    I find your apps very promising – the interface is clean, the icons are fitting to their purpose, the offline database with complete description is a huge plus, just like the rule-free input for slot numbers and metamagic level modifiers.
    There are a few points however, where i see options to improve:
    The level modifier’s name for metamagic should show up in the list where you cast the memorized spells (i.e. fireball – maximized spell) – so you would know exactly what modified spell you are trying to cast. Right now you only see that it is memorized at a higher level, but cant see why.
    Memorizing from scratch every time is still a time consuming process, especially at higher levels, so:
    Resting should give an option to rememorize the same spells as before, and maybe an option to switch a few spells before finalize.
    Also option to save and name complete lists of memorized spells as templates would be very handy. Most casters use similiar setups for battle, espionage, or stealth with minor tweaks only, so loading a template, do a few changes in a few minutes could really fasten things up.
    An ongoing spells tab which starts a counter with each cast spells duration would be awesome. Maybe you could manually advance time, and see which spells/item or potion effects are still active, and which did wear off. Or you could merge this app with who’s next which takes care of time record – but i guess thats a huge work.
    Recording a few things from the caster (spellcasting ability and value, caster level, maybe some feats, misc modifiers and names) would make it possible to show each spells save DC too.
    Finally putting a little icon for each memorized/or ongoing spell which shows what spell school it belongs to would help detect magic answers and selecting the right spell for improved counterspell feat.
    These are a few from the top of my head.
    Whos next:
    Also a very clean and helpful app.
    I would be more happy if i could modify the health of the participants on the list for a faster experience (instead of tapping into edit, a little +/- icon or slider would be great.)
    Also the health doesnt seem to show on my device at the right side (like on the pictures on app store). My device is a Vernee Apollo X (1080p, 6″) phablet.
    Maybe a few extra data might be handy like AC, Saves, maybe option to save prepared encounters, and manually record treasure or obtainable clue list for them but thats not crucial.
    Playing wizards and DM-ing parties for more than 25 years now, i would be happy to see a perfect app for my purposes at least.
    Anyway thank you for the great apps, keep up the good work, and may all your criticals confirm! 😉

    1. Hi Attila and thanks for you feedback! I’m sorry for the delay but I lost my phone he notification for your comment and I just saw it.

      We’ll consider precious your suggestions and I can tell that a new version of Spellcasters is incoming. We have designed the core from scratch. Lot of things will be possible in the future, including the communication between Spellcasters and Who’s Next?

    2. Regarding the health visualization, that’s a configuration that you can find in the menu.

      Last, you can change the current hit points value of your character by tapping its name in the play view. You tap the name, you change the value, you confirm. The current hit points value is already refreshed in the play view.

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